February 22, 2009

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Let me start by saying I am a food lover, and a wine drinker. I care passionately about where my food and wine come from, and also what they mean to us. Wine embodies more than just hedonism, but our  cultural values, and yes, even a bit of magic.

This site is dedicated to my musings on wine. Plain and simple. I do not intend to review wines, rate wines, or dissect wines. [Update: February, 2011] I have also decided to share my tasting notes. My hesitation has been overcome with a desire to grow in my ability to share my experiences, including what is actually in the glass. I would also like to make an effort to reveal wines, available in the local market (Portland, OR) that I believe offer good value and good drinking. I will continue to I will however, try to share anecdotes relating to wine, insights (or misguided ideas), and my experiences with wine and food.

This is also a venue to discuss group events, including the tasting club, and share my newsletters through the links on the sidebar. [Update: February, 2011] and I hope to share my thoughts about tasting groups with regular posts.

Read. Contribute. Enjoy.