I review wine based on my own personal taste. I try to be descriptive of the experience, comment on its structure and flavor, suggest pairings and talk about anything else I feel like. I also try to provide as much technical and contextual information as I can, so that I can share my understanding and help you track down these wines for yourself.

How do I rate wines? I do not use a point system, but rather a simple set of pronouncments (and associated symbol); not recommended (-); recommended (+); highly recommended (++). That's it. Why? Because its all subjective anyway; wine changes from day to day, bottle to bottle. Either I think its worth trying or not, and sometimes a wine is outstanding. Points make it appear absolute and fixed, which I find absurd. Read my thoughts on evaluating wine; I might make caveats from time to time, I try to keep it straightforward.

Where do I get the wines I review? I review wines I buy, have cellared, and even bottles that people bring over for dinner. I also accept press samples. Whatever the source, I make sure to let you know where or who it came from. If you would like to submit wine for review contact me and let me know you’re sending it, and include some information about the wine and the winery. I'll reply with a shipping address and instructions. Just remember, although I'll promise to taste any wine I receive, and I will do my best to post a review of the wine, I cannot guarantee a review, much less a good review.